Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Recent Youtube Faves

Jethro Tull - Songs from the Wood live
Jethro Tull rock like basically no one else. This is one of their coolest songs. And as is customary, Ian Anderson just completely destroys on the flute. Just look at him flounce about like a crazy pixie man.

Altan Urag - Khokh Tolboton
(Адтан Ураг - Хох Толботон)
Mongolian folk rock. This song is from the soundtrack from Mongol, the bitchin' Genghis Khan movie. I've always wanted to start a metal band with a throat singer as the lead vocalist. These guys are the closest I've heard, not counting bands who use throat sing as a background sound.

Natalie MacMaster at TED
I've only recently become aware of Cape Breton music. It 's a very interesting blend of Celtic and CanAmerican folk styles. A lot of very cool rhythms, and very shredding fiddle styles. I'm interested to hear more.