Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Week in Seatown

So this is going to be an interesting week. Seven days from right now I will be on a plane to Honolulu. In the meantime I have to get rid a lot of things, say goodbye to a lot of people, and clean a lot of crap out of my car (and when I say a lot of crap, I mean a fuckshit ton of crap). I'll also be getting some copies of my finally completed solo album tomorrow. Let's discuss these several things!

Things to Lose
I will be getting rid of a fair portion of my movies, books, and clothes, as well as a bass speaker cab, bike, and acoustic guitar. If any of my couple of readers want some of these, let me know! A lot of this is likely to end up at Goodwill.

I feel somewhat liberated by the extent to which I am having to get rid of things. I have accumulated so very much crap over the years, I'm sort of hoping I don't just start accumulating at my old rate once I've started over. I'm also sort of stressed about the amount of things I'll need to get once I move (furniture, bed, etc.). Having absolutely nothing but clothes, a bass, a guitar, and a couple books will be strange. Plus you can't really sleep on those things.

People to Leave
I've already said my goodbyes to a few people, but there's quite a few more still. People whom I've known for years and are extremely important to me, people whom I've only gotten close to recently, people who I can't wait to not have to deal with, and casual acquaintances all. I am going, they are staying (or sometimes going in the opposite direction). I will keep in touch, but as I have no real intention of moving back here as of now, this is decidedly goodbye.

I really have the best wishes for all my friends and family here. I think you guys are all pretty much on the right track. Keep up the good work. And I love you and stuff.

This is the shitty part.

A Nightmare to Face

Okay, I lied. Cleaning my car is going to be the shitty part. Fuck.

The Sound of Mike

My album is finished! It's mastered! A bunch of copies are arriving tomorrow by UPS! Oh man oh man oh man. I've poured so much time and work and blood sweat and beer into this album. I am really happy with it. I hope people like it.

I'll be putting the music up on here too within the next week. I want people to hear the album. It's gonna be great.

I hope this week goes well. I hope I don't just break down some time before Monday and have to spend the rest of my life crying in my room. This probably won't happen. I hope it doesn't.


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