Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gender and Clothes, or Buy Me a Dress!

I had this thought the other day, and then decided that it's probably a thought lots of people have had before, so I figured I'd just open it to a floor discussion.

I've always been struck by the fact that men's fashion is just less exciting than women's fashion (that is, men's fashion is limited to a few things, just variations on the three piece suit in most cases). I came to the conclusion that this is probably because of the former division of labor by gender in society; women did wear whatever they want (within the limits of other social guidelines) because they do not have the constrictions upon dress of a physical labor environment as men did. Now, men and women have similar labor constraints, but the clothing constraints have not changed for women. This is because the labor environment has also changed to that of a post-industrial economy. So, as the restrictions of women's lifestyles have been eased, so should have the restrictions of men's fashion. So it should be socially acceptable for me to wear a dress.

It's rought, but there's the theory

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Friday, June 15, 2007

An Actual Mike Thought Process

I'm hungry.
I wish the hot dog guy had been outside last night.
I really deserve a god damn hot dog!
Wait, what have I done to deserve that?
Dammit Mike, just get yourself some lunch. You're going nuts.

In other news I'm graduating tomorrow and on monday I have a job interview. It's big times here at the Project.