Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 and Wrap-Up

I have listened to a few good and great new albums this year (Devin Townsend released two more albums), but haven't really been paying particular attention to new music released to the general population (I've still only heard one song from Merriweather Post Pavillion). So for this one I figured I'd just pump some of the music that's been made by people I know this year.

Vigilante Santos and Her African Barking Spiders
Wah-Wah Exit Wound
Twilight Motel
And of course, very much of course, Colwyn (that's me)!

All great performers who did some excellent work in 2009.

So that is my recap of the past decade. I have been trying to make less a critical appraisal of the best of the aughts than a work of public nostalgia, so it would be wrong to include any top ten list to cap off the thing. More importantly, I'd just like to note that this decade has been an amazing one, as all decades tend to be, and there has been a great deal of good, bad, interesting, and terribly predictable music made. It is far too soon to evaluate what the real imprint of this decade in music and other culture will be in the long run, so instead I have been documenting how the years felt at the time. It's been a blast and I have had a great time recapping. Thanks for indulging me! Now let's see what we can do about this new decade coming up.


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