Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dude, 2007 Already?

Shoooot, 2007 was a rough year. Luckily there were some rad tunes to help me out.

Even when they're not singing in Welsh, Super Furry Animals put out some kick ass popular-style music. Hey Venus was a particularly fun, 60s-ish psychedelic romp. They probably just listened to Abbey Road a whole lot and then wrote a lot of somewhat silly lyrics about cards and coke and, I think this one is about having an STI? Anyway I dig this album lots.

Yeah yeah, more Devin Townsend. This year he decided to present us with a metal opera about an alien who wants coffee. How could anyone resist?

Icky Thump is a really excellent album. Very ambitious album by the Stripes. The first time I heard this song it was a little hard to believe it was them. If Jack White's voice weren't so distinctive, who would have guessed really? I bought a ticket to see them this year but the show got canceled because Meg had some manner of breakdown and also the ticket might have been fake.

The first Tuareg band to ever make an album using electric instruments just happened to totally kick ass. Tinariwen's Aman Iman was the "world" album (ie the album from the world) that everyone noticed in '07, and not without reason. The sound is just so cool. Every song sounds like a party. There seems to be a lot going on but it's all very simple and works together really cool like. And the language is rad.

If there's any one who dislikes Steve Martin I would like to meet them and have a long conversation about how they are wrong. In '07 he appeared on a couple tracks from the banjo duets album by Tony Trischka - a couple tracks which he wrote. The whole album is a lot of old time banjo fun. 2007 was, it just so happened, a year that I was way into banjos so this worked out well for pretty much everyone.

2007 had many more albums! Including: Rock Dream by Boris and Merzbow; Strawberry Jam by Animal Collective; You You're a History in Rust by Do Make Say Think; Awkward Annie by Kate Rusby; Xenosapien by Cephalic Carnage; Air by Agua de Annique; Solens Rötter by Vintersorg; Snakes and Arrows by Rush; Tervaskanto by Korpiklaani; and the DETHALBUM by Dethklok! Man, good year musically.

Oh and also 2008 is next.


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