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2004 was probably bigger in my personal life - getting a job, moving out of my parents' house, that sort of thing - than in music; a lot of the albums of note for the year were much less mind-boggling than those for some of these previous years. But hey, some undeniably good stuff here in any case!

These were the days of high quality material from the Homestar Runner boys. I think a lot of people had actually already given up on them, but this was MISTAKEN! Stuff like this video was what it was all about. But we're talking about music. I had been aware of TMBG of course but this song actually is what caused me to really get interested in them. The Spine is a great album, and Experimental Film is a great pop song. I think few people have pop-making skill that John and John have.

This might be the song I listened to the very most this year. Morgion were a great doom band at a time when I was all about doom metal. I vaguely knew a couple of the guys via the message boards, all seemed cool. I really like the patient, heavy flow of the pieces on this album. Great uses of feedback and keys, great dynamic range. Masters of the form, really. They once sent me an email thanking me for a positive review I had posted on, which always tickled me a little.

Oh my, Swedish is a funny language. Dungen (NOT pronounced "dungeon") make really cool psychedelic rock without being too much of a throwback band. I didn't know this album at the time but damn if Ta Det Lugnt isn't their best album to date. Love the production on the piano and drums on this tune.

This might be the best album released in 2004. Orphaned Land are one of the better folk metal acts from anywhere, so I'll take it as read that they're probably among the best from Israel. Great mixing of prog and classic metal sound (and bitchin' guitar solos) with Levantine folk.

Now, an album that I feel I must include here as I seem to be the only person in the world who remembers it fondly: Volvere by Fall of the Leafe. I can't find recordings on any of the usual places. Even the now-defunct band's Myspace lacks their tunes like More Like a Situation and Security Locks Are Good! The best I can do is link to some samples available on the band's real website.
I really liked this album. I don't think I could quite compare this band to anyone else. Lots of stuff going on. Heavily airy hard rock with lots of keys, rock vocals, silly song titles. I love this album. I wish everyone else did.

Other stuff! Isa by Enslaved, Epic by Borknagar, Bathos by Aarni, Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow by Jonathan Coulton, Panopticon by Isis, Only Just Beginning by Jason Webley, Souls to Deny by Suffocation, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance, Sanctus Diavolos by Rotting Christ

05 is on deck.


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