Saturday, December 26, 2009

2008 - Hope and Other Crap

2008, we all thought we were such hot shit with the politics and the yes we can of it all. Really, it was generally pretty awesome times. And some good old music accompanied this.

The great thing about YouTube is it really made people appreciate high quality musicianship in a new way. All sorts of internet celebrities were made out of people just playin' some tunes radly. Andy McKee is probably the number one YouTube guitar player ever, and he made this great duets album this year with slap guitarist Don Ross. Very pretty and mellow and cool and everyone loves that.

Enslaved's Vertebrae is a hot contender for metal album of 2008. I really love the guitar sound on this album - more like a 70s prog album than a 00s black metal album. Being less crisp makes it more in the spirit of black metal than much of the overproduced stuff, but the production in general is not like a black metal record, as can be clearly heard here. A good mix of things come together to make a distinctly Enslaved work.

Land is a pretty ambitious Tyr album. They've really got the mix of the folk and the metal elements down pretty well, especially on this song which blends Grieg quotes with a sort of Metallica-like semi-ballad. I saw them this year and they used the opportunity to play a couple songs from the then-unreleased album and man, it was the highlight of the show. Radness all the way.

Fleet Foxes' self-titled album was much ballyhooed as the number one album of the year and there is a reason for that: it was really good. This of course is a highlight of the currently-still-happening resurgence of American folk in popular music, in Seattle and throughout the country. And why not? It's awesome! I really like the part where the piano kicks in in this tune. That's the sort of turnaround that really makes a song.

Opeth are Opeth and when they put out and Opeth album it is Opeth-level Opeth. Watershed was a kick ass album, the end.

2008 was the year when I played with Teapot Dome. We had so much good times. Recorded an EP (available at that there link). We rocked. Oh those were the days and etcetera.

Other albums: Earth - Bees Made Honey from the Lion's Skull; Jason Webley - The Cost of Living; Shugo Tokumaru - Exit; Wah-Wah Exit Wound - Earth Is a Cannon of Love; Jeff Loomis - Zero Order Phase; Magnetic Fields - Distortion

Finally: 2009


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