Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vote Dodd

The latest news: Ron Paul gives Glenn Beck a boner

I don't trust Ron Paul. I know he is the darling of the internet and of lots of people who are more or less conservative but hang out with liberals, but I don't trust him in the slightest. Never mind the fact that he is a libertarian and I just plain am not, I would trust most libertarians above Paul.

Let's go over some things: Ron Paul believes global climate change is not a major threat to civilization and opposes environmental regulations (he also believes that global warming is caused by volcanos -- I don't have a source for this handy, I will have to dig through my records, but hand to god, volcanos). Ron Paul is pro-life and has attempted to pass something he called the "Sanctity of Life Act" negating Roe v Wade, supposedly on the basis of states' rights, although I would say that the name does not support that conjecture. Ron Paul supported the Defense of Marriage Act (some libertarian). Ron Paul opposes US participation NAFTA and the WTO because they are NOT PRO-FREE TRADE ENOUGH.

Plus there's this.

UPDATE: Ok, so I found the video where Paul blamed volcanos for global warming, but it has been removed from YouTube. Doh.

Also, it turns out that Paul is for teaching intelligent design in schools to an unclear extent. I think the context there is one of those group-yes/no-questions from a presidential debate, apparently the Christian Right one given then list of other respondents. Still, answering that question with a "yes" is ALWAYS dumb. Also, keep in mind: medical doctor.


Blogger John Duffell said...

There's this too:

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Blogger Mephisto said...

God, I remembered the endorsement thing, but I hadn't read those quotes before. Jesus Christ on a Christbox!

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