Monday, December 17, 2007

15mm of Fame

On Buy Everything Day this year, I was down in the South Lake Union/Cascade Neighborhood area, buying some gloves at REI. The bus stop I was waiting at to come home also happened to be on the SLUT line. As I waited, a Seattle Times reporter came up and asked me what I thought about the SLUT. I told him I thought it was unnecessary, felt mostly like a tourist trap, felt like it served the upper classes exclusively, and would be better in other neighborhoods, although a city-wide rapid transit system was more important.

I spat these thoughts out for a couple minutes before my bus came, and then wondered for a few days if it would make it to print. I don't read the Times myself, so I assumed that if it did make it to print, I would only hear about it from someone else seeing it and mentioning it to me.

Just now, I googled myself, after self-googling was mentioned on NPR earlier today and I wondered if I showed up on google at all (how often do I really sign my proper name online anyway?). I was the second Mike Clauss, after a comedian from Arizona, being quoted in a Times article last monday. I'm pretty sure I said the things attributed to me, though I wish the author had focused a little more on such detractors of the SLUT that there are.


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