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I am originally from Seattle, WA, USA, though I also spent time living in Honolulu, O'ahu, HI. I am a speaker of Pacific Northwest English. For me, carbonated water is "soda water", sweet carbonated drinks are "soda", drinking before going out is "pre-funking", high school dances where girls ask boys are "tolo", and [æ] raises before [ŋ], so that the vowel in "rang" is the same as the one in "dame", not the one in "damn". I also have both adverbial and quantificational uses of "hella".

In addition to linguistics, I play and think about music a lot. I listen to a lot of metal, folk, and jazz. When involving myself in neither music nor linguistics, I get into art films and high (and low)-brow literature. I have also been known to say a thing or two about politics and social issues.

I post stuff sometimes on tumblr and more often on twitter.

If this linguistics thing doesn't work out for me I'll probably pursue a safer career of musician and songwriter. My primary interest as a musician is metal and progressive rock. In 2009 I recorded an album of original metal songs.

I also have an interest in folk music, particularly Celtic. Here is a song I wrote and recorded with Whiskey Galore, the Bellingham, WA band I used to play bass with.

I am primarily a bassist, though I play a lot of classical and folk guitar, and some banjo. If I had a lot more time and money I would play the crwth and the sarod. String instruments are kind of a thing for me.

You can find some more recordings what I've done on my Sound Cloud page.

Email me: mclauss+AT+linguist.umass.edu
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