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Hello folks! I'm Michael Clauss, PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My linguistic interests are in syntax, acquisition, and socio-political issues of multi-lingual communities and language revitalization.

Below you will find information on my career as an academic and a teacher. To find out more about past and on-going research, see the Research page.

Or, if you like, you can find out more information about me and other things I do right here.

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Academic History
2011 - Present PhD program in Linguistics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2011 MA in Linguistics, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
2007 BA in Sociology, Western Washington University
2005 AA, Shoreline Community College

Some recent talks
11/8/2014 The Syntax and Semantics of Free Relative Clauses in Child English BU Conference on Language Development 39, Boston, MA
1/10/15 The Syntax and Semantics of Free Relative Clauses in Child English. LSA Annual Meeting, Portland, OR
4/11/2014 Subject Orientation as Event Orientation in -kar adverbials. FASAL 5, Yale University, New Haven, CT. [Poster]
9/11/2015 Free Relatives in Acquisition: A Case of Over-Generalization. GALA 12, University of Nantes [Slides]
11/13/2015 Syntactic cues alone in adjective learning (with Jeremy Hartman). BUCLD 40, Boston University. [Slides]
See Research page for longer work

Email me: mclauss+AT+linguist.umass.edu
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